We are a DevOps team of IT and Oil Industry professionals who joined together to solve problems. Each of us brings our own experiences and paradigms and all include a professional, business end-user focused mindset.

The team has been handpicked for its background and specialized knowledge. We have in house expertise in Offshore Drilling, Performance Management, Application Development, IT, IoT, and business operations. Our advisory team are Geotechnical and Data management experts working in Oil & Gas.


What is DevOps? It’s a culture that encourages effective communication and teamwork between Developers and Operations. The old corporate mindset was that sales and operations ran the show and developers were just around to make software upon request. Typically budgets and other restrictions resulted in mediocre “solutions” that may not have been helpful to operations.

The DevOps approach emphasizes collaboration between the various departments in order to better automate and improve processes and create software solutions that are both effective and user friendly.

AmperageApps Leadership Team

Jeff Skinner



Shane Skinner



Dave Roberts



Why Work With AmperageApps

We’re more than just a team of App Developers. We’re a DevOps team of experienced professionals who enjoy solving problems. It’s this intrinsic desire to constantly improve processes and workflows that brought us together to create software. A good DevOps team solves problems. A great DevOps team develops user friendly software applications that solve problems while gaining efficiency, defining and simplifying processes, and offering a good ROI.

Software Solutions

You may notice that we use the phrase “Software Solutions” often. This is a conscience decision because we strive to ensure that all of our software provides a solution to a problem or a need. Some of our projects include:

  • Performance data and analytics for the oil and gas industry.
  • Custom software for corporations in various industries including healthcare, energy, and IT.
  • Website design and development.
  • Mobile apps and games for personal use.